McArthur River Mine

The role of the Independent Monitor is to assess the environmental performance of the McArthur River Mine. This will be based on the review of:

  • Environmental assessments and monitoring activities undertaken by the mine operator (MRM Pty Ltd).
  • Environmental assessments and audits undertaken by the mine regulator, i.e., the Department of Mines and Energy.

As part of this assessment, the Independent Monitor is required to update the project’s risk assessment and gap analysis each year.

Our assessment will be based on management plans, site environmental monitoring data, audit reports, relevant legislation, agreements and licences, and other technical information.

We will document the results of the review in a report that will be presented to the Minister for Mines and Energy.
A less formal version of the report will be provided to the community, accompanied by presentations and posters, that will assist to communicate the findings of the review.

Maintenance of this website is another key function of the Independent Monitor.